meskiel schoneboom


"Meskiel Schoneboom is an illustrator who publishes her work under her studio, Sabaku Hana. She was born in Farmington, New Mexico and has since then moved all over the United States with her parents from the east coast to the west coast and is currently settled in Denver, Colorado. Her work spans from graphic monochromatic stickers and icons to painterly narrative-based posters.

From kindergarten to high school she was homeschooled by her mother. Her childhood fostered a place of acceptance for pursuing her passions, which in turn created the perfect space for creating art. In 2015 when she was sixteen she started taking college classes at Arapahoe Community College which then fulfilled all of her high school credits. This experience gave her skills in graphic design that she still uses in her work today. Then in 2018, she transferred to the University of Colorado Denver to pursue her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with an emphasis in illustration graduating in 2020. "