sarah cavanaugh


Currently on her senior year of getting her Bachelor’s degree in Illustration, Sarah “Pigeon” Cavanaugh is a Denver-based digital artist and photographer, posting her work under the username FlareOfAmethyst. She started out by drawing dragons and owls in the margins of her notebooks as a way of coping with her ADHD when her attention drifted. To this day, she still uses doodling as a way to focus her attention on important topics. Using a mix of traditional and digital art, Sarah loves taking inspiration from nature by drawing her two favorite things: plants and skulls.

During the summer, Sarah’s typical workspace consists of sitting outside in her garden. An avid gardener, Sarah uses her plants as inspiration and collects as many weird or unusual species she can get her hands on. During the colder months, her studio space changes to the small and cozy of her bedroom, where she is surrounded by her cold-sensitive plants and 3 dogs.